Virtual Open House


    Virtual Open House

Ask a Principal

Join our live Open House sessions with the GEMS Education Leadership Team. It’s the quickest and most convenient way to ask the most important questions and discover which School could be the right choice for your child.  The live stream includes a presentation from our Principals and an introduction to our curriculum. The session culminates in a Q&A session to answer your specific needs and a campus tour. 

Upcoming sessions:

Saturday, 30 January at 10:00 am
Tuesday, 23 February at 10:00 am 
Saturday, 20 March at 10:00 am




Missed it?

If you are unable to attend one of our pre-arranged sessions, we are more than happy to arrange for you to have a private tour of GEMS (Singapore) during the school day at your convenience: 

Contact us to schedule a time to chat
Book a personalised tour on campus
Book a personalised virtual tour

A truly International balance

Our student population comprises more than 60 nationalities with no one dominant culture or background.

UK and Europe
USA & Canada
Australia & New Zealand
East Asia
South Asia
Rest of the World

This balance creates a unique opportunity for a truly international learning perspective that will expand your child’s knowledge and broaden their experience with other cultures and beliefs.


We encourage an environment of mutual respect that is engaging for both parents and children, as we believe that the more you engage, the more rewarding your experience will be. Our welcoming Parent-Relations team is always here willing to offer advice, connect you with our diverse and inclusive Parent-Teacher Community and encourage you to join various interest groups and events.

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