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The GEMS World Academy (Singapore) World Language programme focuses on four key components. They are:

  1. English Language for Academics
  2. Foreign Language Learning
  3. English as an Additional Language
  4. After School Mother-Tongue Classes

Our language offerings provide outstanding language teaching and learning opportunities, to ensure that we meet the needs of our diverse expatriate families.

English Language for Academics

English is the language of instruction at GEMS Singapore and forms the core language programme across all courses.

Given that in most cases future education and workplace requirements for our children will require strong English language skills, we focus across the subjects upon strong spoken and written English Language development.

From our Early Years and Primary Years Language Arts programmes, students develop strong reading comprehension and writing skills.

In the Secondary Years, their Language and Literature classes focus upon the ongoing enhancement of formal English language skills, as well as the critical thinking skills needed in exploring and analysing a variety of text types.

Foreign Language programme

Foreign Language learning is a core component of being an international student. In the Early Years, all students undertake daily Mandarin learning, delivered by a specialist Mandarin teacher in specialist Mandarin class time.

From Grade 1 onwards, students have the option of continuing in Mandarin, or undertaking classes in Spanish or French.

For Grades 1 to 5, this foreign language class continues with four 45 minutes classes per week.

In the Secondary Years, in balance with their other subjects, students undertake three hours per week of foreign language development (Four hours per week for DP High Level foreign language).

English as an Additional Language

In some cases, the international students who join GEMS Singapore have a wonderful talent, however, have limited experience with the English language.

For these students, they undergo our English as an Additional Language support programme, which focuses on functional language development across listening, speaking and writing.

For Grades 1-5 a pull-out English as an Additional Language programme is provided four times a week, 45 minutes each period.

The Grades 6 to 10 programme provides immersive specialist support which guides overall success within the language and academic progress.

After School Mother-Tongue Classes

GEMS Singapore supports the maintenance and development of a child’s mother-tongue.

We strongly encourage native language fluency maintenance whilst living abroad and in support of family cultural connections.

Our current mother tongue classes include French, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese from Grades 1 to 10.

Our mother-tongue programmes are specifically designed to provide students with a strong foundation in vocabulary, speaking, reading, grammar and writing.

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