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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Dec 01, 2016

What does an outstanding Early Childhood programme look like and how to choose one? Learn more in this article about the importance of early childhood education.

Secondary Years Education at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Dec 01, 2016

The Secondary Years is an important time in the life of adolescents and outstanding schools ensure that the many personal changes that teenagers face are supported... Learn more about our student-centred approached to secondary years education.

英国イートン校 元校長・GEMS Education 教育部門責任者 Tony Little氏

Nov 25, 2016

Tony Little, Group Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, shares his view on education. Article written in Japanese.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) awarded the "Leading International School" by BERG

Nov 24, 2016

On 24 November 2016, GEMS World Academy (Singapore)'s school leadership team attended the BERG Icons of Learning Awards night, where GWA (Singapore) was awarded the ‘2016 Icons of Learning Award for the Leading International School in Singapore’...

Interview with Tony Little of GEMS World Academy: the social media generation, international schooling and advice for parents

Nov 23, 2016

Tony Little, Group Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, gave us his thoughts on the social media generation, international education, advice for parents, and what life was really like at Eton College.

Where kids learn to innovate, lead, and create: Entrepreneurship Programme

Nov 15, 2016

Join us for a peek inside the ‘Entrepreneurship’ pillar of GEMS World Academy (Singapore)’s Future School…

An international school that prepares kids for the real world - Future School

Oct 15, 2016

There are three very exciting new things happening at GEMS World Academy (Singapore), that not only help to set kids up for the working world, they do so in a forward-thinking way...

Give your kids real-world experiences at GEMS World Academy

Oct 6, 2016

David Edwards, Head of School, GEMS World Academy (Singapore), explains how the school is expanding opportunities for real-world learning and ensuring that students are well prepared for an exciting future...

世界が注目する学び「STEM」とは ~科学・技術・工学・数学の融合~

Sep 23, 2016

Why STEM is a crucial component of learning for all children? Article written in Japanese.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Haze Procedures

Aug 26, 2016

Learn about our Haze Procedures here.

IB students have more success getting into top universities

Jul 15, 2016

Research shows that IB DP students have more success getting into top ranking universities and finishing their degree sooner...

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) champions in sports

Jul 11, 2016

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) made a big impression on the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) sporting stage, trumping other international schools in Singapore.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) sponsors South Asian Diaspora Convenon

Jul 8, 2016

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is a proud sponsor of the prestigious South Asian Diaspora Convention (SADC) which featured PM Lee Hsien Loong, Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe and top political and business leaders from the South Asian region.

Exclusive evening at the British High Commissioner's residence

Jul 1, 2016

Come join us on 20 July, together with Tony Little, ex-headmaster of Eton College, for drinks and nibbles at this informal evening at the British High Commissioners residence, Eden Hall,

Creating young champions at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Jun 15, 2016

SassyMama chats with aquatics programme coordinator/swimming coach Steve Betts, about what makes the GEMS World Academy (Singapore) Swimming and sports programme so strong for kids of all ages and abilities.

GWA (Singapore) has been accredited as a member of the Council of International Schools

Jun 3, 2016

A day in the life of a student at GEMS World Academy (Singapore): It’s enriching, vibrant, and fun!

May 26, 2016

It's the enriching, culturally inclusive, and welcoming community – both teachers and students – that makes GEMS World Academy (Singapore) stand out as an international school in Singapore.

A look at the STEM learning approach at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

May 25, 2016

The STEM approach is used at GWA within a balanced and integrated curriculum because it provides practical, real-life purpose and context to solving challenges.

Visit by Mr Ong Ye Kung, Acting Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills)

May 18, 2016

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) was honoured to have Mr Ong Ye Kung, Acting Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) together with a Grassroots Leaders’ delegation visit our school on the 18th of May. View the photos here.

The global power of Singapore’s leading international school

May 16, 2016

Did you know that GEMS Education has over 20,000 teachers spread across its network of 87 schools spanning 13 countries around the globe? Learn about our decades-long history, rich teaching tradition, and extensive global reach in this article.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore), one of only a few international schools in Singapore to be recognised as a WWF Eco-School

April 28, 2016

See the list of WWF Eco-Schools.

The Singapore international school with a strong heritage and genuine charity

April 26, 2016

On the surface, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is an impressive educational institution with outstanding facilities and passionate teaching staff. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that it is part of a global education powerhouse with a generous heart.

Why families moved from other international schools to GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

April 26, 2016

Hear from two families about why they moved to GEMS World Academy (Singapore) from other Singapore international schools — and are delighted with the decision!

Best international school in Singapore: Parent review of GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

April 14, 2016

Mother-of-three Alia Contractor, tells HoneyKids about her family’s experiences at GEMS World Academy (Singapore). It’s no secret: they love it!

What makes GEMS World Academy (Singapore) truly international, according to its educators

April 11, 2016

David Edwards, Head of Education, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) shares his thought on what makes GEMS World Academy (Singapore) truly international.

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) and ANZA are proud to invite you to the Biggest Morning Tea at the Australian High Commissioner’s Residence, 11 May at 10am.

April 01, 2016

Book now at

Best international school: GEMS World Academy (Singapore) offers a balanced education for all international students.

March 30, 2016

HoneyKids uncovers why GEMS World Academy (Singapore)is Singapore’s truly International School for Global Students.

Find out what makes GEMS World Academy (Singapore) a truly international school

March 21, 2016

Singapore is a beautiful melting pot of cultures and nationalities so why should your child’s school be any different? SassyMama finds out how GEMS World Academy sets itself apart!

4 ways GEMS World Academy (Singapore) provides a truly international education for your child

March, 2016

Click here to read more.

tabla!: Singapore's International School for Global Students

March 18, 2016

Click here to read more.

Pope Francis Announces 2016 Global Teacher Prize Winner

March 13, 2016

Pope Francis announced the 2016 Winner of the Global Teacher Prize in a ceremony held in Dubai on the 13th of March, 2016.

Congratulations to the winner Hanan Al Hroub. Learn more about her incredible story here.

Watch the video of the announcement below.

Visit by Olympic Medallist, Annette Edmondson

March 09, 2016

In partnership with the International Baccalaureate Organisation Asia-Pacific team, we were delighted this week to host Ms Annette Edmonson, World Champion and Olympic medalist in cycling. View the photos here.

Stephen Hawking Announces Top 10 Finalists | Global Teacher Prize 2016

Feb 17, 2016

TOPIC: Varkey Foundation, the philanthropic arm of GEMS Education, with Dr Stephen Hawking announcing the 10 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize.

AsiaOne article "Training for the Olympic dream"

Sep 10, 2015
TOPIC: Arnav Divaker was searching for a school that focuses on sports and academics. He found GWA (Singapore).

Channel NewsAsia featured article "In age of technology, teachers need to return to classrooms: Experts"

Sep 04, 2015
TOPIC: David Edwards, our Head of Education, joined a panel of industry experts on Channel NewsAsia's Perspectives to discuss topics surrounding the future of education.

Channel NewsAsia featured Video "Schools In The Cloud”

Aug 27, 2015
TOPIC: Hear David Edwards, our Head of Education as he speaks to Channel NewsAsia on how educational institutions can get students ‘future ready’ in the face of globalisation and innovation.

Straits Times featured article "Keeping fit to make an impact on others' lives” (Joan Chew).

Aug 18, 2015
TOPIC: Our Head of Education, David Edwards, shares his thoughts on how being active in sports improves one's fitness and health.

Straits Times featured article "Gems World Academy to enrol 3,000 students here by 2017” (Sandra Davie, Senior Education Correspondent).

April 2015
TOPIC: GEMS school aims for growth.

Dino Varkey of GEMS Education speaks to Bloomberg.

March 2015
TOPIC: Dino Varkey of GEMS Education speaks to Bloomberg on GEMS World Academy in Singapore, and on Asia expansion plans.

India Se interviews Dino Varkey & David Edwards of GEMS World Academy.

March 2015
TOPIC: India Se interviews Dino Varkey & David Edwards of GEMS World Academy.

“A Gem of an Education”

March 2015
IndiaSe talks to Dino Varkey and David Edwards about GEMS World Academy – The Global School.

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Singapore Tops Finland, UK and the USA in the Varkey GEMS Foundation 2013 Global Teacher Status Index

03 Oct 2013
Singapore has received a notably high ranking, coming in seventh out of 21 countries, surpassing established countries such as Finland, the United Kingdom, and the United States in the Varkey GEMS Foundation 2013 Global Teacher Status Index.

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Press Releases

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) students triumph again at the MetaSprint Series Triathlon

April 2015
Balanced education is something GEMS World Academy (Singapore) strongly believes in. GWA ensures students are given every opportunity to grow into well-rounded individuals...

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GEMS World Academy (Singapore) extends success beyond the classroom

March 2015
GEMS World Academy (Singapore) (GWA) is a strong believer in providing balanced education. Part of the GEMS Education group, the world’s largest private education company, it brings 55 years of international education experience to Singapore...

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Samsung Unveils Integrated Display Solutions for Differentiated Customer Engagement

July 2014
Also announces GEMS World Academy (Singapore) as the first international school in Singapore to roll out Samsung MagicIWB Solution in all their classrooms...

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GEMS World Academy (Singapore) offers six prestigious sports scholarships to winners of Metasprint Series 2014

April 2014
GEMS World Academy (Singapore), an official sponsor of the MetaSprint Series 2014, has offered six full scholarships to the race winners of the MetaSprint Series 2014 Kids and Youth category...

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Quality Early Childhood Education can give Children up to a Two-year Head Start in Life

April 2014
Professor Dr Pat Preedy, Early Childhood specialist and Chief Academic Officer & Director of Little GEMS International, shares how the developing brain functions in early childhood, and the importance of early childhood education that is grounded on published, scientific and educational research can make a difference...

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Applications open for world's first one million dollar teacher prize

March 2014
The Varkey GEMS Foundation (VGF), philanthropic arm of GEMS Education, has launched the Varkey GEMS Foundation Global Teacher Prize. The prize of US$1 million dollar will be awarded to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession...

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GEMS World Academy (Singapore) opens its Information and Enrolment Centre in the heart of Orchard road

02 Sep 2013
GEMS Education, a leading global Kindergarten to Grade 12 education provider will be opening its GEMS World Academy Singapore (GWA Singapore) Information and Enrolment Centre in the heart of the Orchard Road at the Forum shopping mall, ahead of the school’s opening in September 2014. GWA Singapore is now accepting enrolments from Pre- Kindergarten...

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GEMS Education announces S$105 million Project Financing for GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

30 May 2013
GEMS Education, the world’s largest international K - 12 (kindergarten to Grade 12, i.e. primary and secondary school education) private education operator has successfully raised S$105 million through bank financing toward building its first school in Singapore...

New GEMS World Academy (Singapore) will become first school in South East Asia to join exclusive global network of schools

27 May 2013
Singapore – Monday May 27, 2013: Opening in September 2014, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) (GWA) will be the first school in South East Asia connected to the GEMS global network of international schools.

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