Michael Fletcher

Michael Fletcher is a Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-Related Programme (CP) Coordinator and joined GEMS World Academy (Singapore) in August 2016.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Michael has 10 years working experience, teaching Accounting, Business and Economics (GCSE, A Level, and DP). He achieved a BA-Honours Degree in Business with Human Resource Management, PGCE (specialising in ages 14-19) and a Masters in Education. Prior to joining GEMS World Academy (Singapore), Michael worked in Manchester (UK) followed by a oversees move to Bangkok where he taught at two international schools. What intended to be a short stay for Michael turned into six years of living and teaching experience in Thailand.

In Michael’s role as the Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator and Career-Related Programme (CP) Coordinator, two IB programmes that are available for students in Grades 11 and 12, Michael oversees the curriculum side of life for our students and ensures our students are achieving success academically.

Michael has one son who attend GEMS Singapore. Michael says, “Seeing my son so happy at school and watching him grow and learn validates my choice to work in education. Enabling young people to reach their potential, boosting their confidence and having a positive impact on their lives is, for me, the most rewarding career.”