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The Arts thrive at GEMS World Academy (Singapore). Guided by a talented and creative faculty of experienced teachers, our students are taught foundational skills in Visual Arts, Music and Drama while also being challenged to express their own artistic vision. The programme stimulates young imaginations and provides students with a wealth of skills that are transferable to other subjects and their lives beyond the school.

The creative and expressive experience starts in the Early Years with a full immersive approach and runs through the Primary and Secondary Years Programme. Students’ experiences are rich and varied, combining personal, local and global inspiration with a great deal of practical application, skill development and an abundance of creativity. Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to explore their true capabilities, find their own unique voice, apply creative ways of thinking, take risks and improvise. As educators we help students to embrace their creativity by building an environment where students’ imaginations are nourished and where failure is encouraged not to be feared.

Our exceptional arts facilities include an awe-inspiring 750-seat auditorium, a fully equipped drama room, spectacular visual art rooms, comprehensive suite of music and practice rooms and an innovation suite allowing students to create, compose and record their work.

10 skills children learn from the arts


Student quotes


"GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is a great school with very supportive teachers, modern facilities and several performing opportunities for students across all grades. The school gives us numerous opportunities to showcase our creativity through the arts during the lessons and extracurricular activities, which we can create ourselves to engage with other students and the broader GEMS community”.


"I’ve contributed to many events in the school and a few of the major highlights were the Open Mic, my solo piano performance during the Awards Ceremony and my personal artwork exhibition during Arts Week. These achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of the amazing teachers in the Arts department. They have given me the time and effort to help me improve as an Artist and Musician. I look forward to contribute more in future events that the school has arranged”.


"What I value the most at school are the teachers, who are always available to guide and challenge me both academically and in the field of Performance Arts. At GEMS I have been deeply influenced by the people I’ve met and enjoyed learning about new cultures. GEMS has taught me to push boundaries, take risks, innovate and create. Most importantly, I have learnt the importance of collaboration and teamwork.”

Celebration of the arts

Every year, GEMS Arts Week brings our community together to celebrate the arts. The five-day celebration of the arts gives students and parents the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of art experiences and hands-on creative workshops from drama and painting classes to enriching discussions on art and photography with resident artists and live performances by GEMS students.

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