Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) ECA List

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) provide opportunities for GEMS students to continue developing holistic, well-balanced lifestyles through a wide range of engaging activities.

Our goal is to have a balanced ECA programme that allows students to develop their character, acquire new skills and discover new passions.


Grade Level

ECA Club

Early/Primary Years ECAs

K2 - G2

• Dodgeball
• Learn to Swim
• Lego
• Art Club

K2 - G5

• Yoga

K2, G1, G4, G5

• Football Skills (non competitive)


• String Ensemble

Primary Years ECAs

G1 - G3

• Basketball Skills (non competitive)

G1 - G5

• Abstract Art
• Choir

G2 - G5

• Aviation Club^
• Master Chef
• Chess
• Drama Club

G3 - G5

• Team Sports (non competitive)
• Rock Climbing
• Zumba
• Gymnastics^
• Drawing & Sketching
• Sewing & Cross Stitch
• Stretch (Academic Extension)
• Pitch Perfect
• Glee Club
• Book Club
• Tech Club

Secondary Years ECAs

G6 - G12

• Choir
• Rock Band
• Musical Rehearsal
• World Scholars Cup
• Ted Talks Club
• Art Smart
• Chess Club

G6 - G8

• Rock Climbing
• Yoga
• Photography
• Science Club

G8 - G12

• Glee Club
• String Ensemble
• History Club
• Journalism Club
• Student Council
• Model United Nations

Login to SchoolsBuddys, our ECA software programme to allow you to easily complete the signup process for ECA activities.

All information related to lunchtime and after-school ECA’s and participation sports clubs will be handled by:
- Mike Gilmour, Deputy Principal, Primary Years (m.gilmour@gwa.edu.sg)
- Arnelle Grundhoefer, Deputy Principal, Secondary Years (a.grundhoefer@gwa.edu.sg).

*Not all ECAs listed here will be available throughout the academic year. This is not an exhaustive list and does not reflect the ECA's available at the current moment.

^Aviation: S$360/season, Gymnast: S$270/season

Admissions Enquiries

Email: info@gwa.edu.sg
Phone: +65 6808 7300

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