Parent Engagement

Photo of parents with their children studying at GEMS World Academy (Singapore)

Always there for parents, always there for children

It’s important to recognise that the parent is a child’s first teacher.

You know your children best- how they learn, how they respond to strategies, and what builds their confidence most as they strive towards their aspirations.

The GEMS Parent Engagement Programme connects parents with the world of formal education.

Our monthly parent engagement activities provide a variety of workshop opportunities to assist parents in understanding and supporting their children further.

Sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning more about the specific nature of International Baccalaureate education
  • Exploring the use of technology in contemporary teaching and learning environments
  • Understanding assessment in international education
  • Engaging consistently in the GEMS 3-A-day approach to great parenting
  • Delving into the role of STEM and how it enhances student learning opportunities
  • Discussion on how sports supports academic attainment
  • Exploration of how Arts drives creativity, a crucial skill for the workplace

The GEMS ‘3-A-Day’ Approach

This simple daily strategy develops more engaged parenting and better understanding of what children are doing at school.

These three easy steps are:

  1. Talk about learning
  2. Share learning
  3. Encourage learning

By doing this every day, parents can ensure that there is an ongoing open dialogue with their children, and that opportunities for deeper discussions may occur.

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