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Balanced nutrition and healthy meals

Healthy and balanced nutrition plays a big role in a student’s ability to achieve in school. Therefore, we educate and encourage our students to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Our lunch menu, provided by Victus Group, is designed by the expert team of chefs, who have decades of combined experience in nutrition and serving up dishes which kids simply love.


Quality Assured


Fresh, healthy and delicious

Lunches are served in our spacious and welcoming school canteen, The Food Garden. Here our students, parents and staff enjoy the company of others during their meal. Freshly prepared in our on-site kitchen, our canteen serves meals to our students from Pre-K through to Grade 12 throughout the day. All the meals are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and are carefully thought out to ensure that taste is at a maximum. 

The Parent Café

The Parent Café is a welcoming place for parents and visitors to meet over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, enjoy delicious pastries and a daily meal, socialise and meet new friends. The cafe is located at the heart of the school (Level 2). There is a wide selection of baked goods, wraps, salads, sandwiches and beverages served with tender loving care at the cafe. Students from Grade 11 and 12 are welcome to purchase meals from The Parent Café during the school day. Students from Grade 4 to Grade 10 are welcome to purchase snacks during specific hours (before 8:30 am and after 3:30 pm).

  1. Log in to School Meal Ordering System. Username and password is your child's student ID number (14 digits) which can be found in ManageBac, OpenApply or the student contract with the school.
  2. Click here to view detailed instructions on how to set up your account and use the School Meal Ordering System.
  3. Set up your account by linking your child's EZ-Link card number (16 digits on the back of the card) to your account.
  4. Select meals.
  5. Make the payment by credit card.

The school canteen offers a daily choice of freshly made western, Asian, vegetarian, allergy-free meals: 

Lunch Menu
Allergen Menu
Friendly Flavours
Morning Tea Menu

Where can I find the link to make pre-order meals?

Please visit https://www.gwa.edu.sg/parent-login

What are my username and password?

The Username and Password is the student id. During the first login, you will be requested to change the password and register the EZ-Link CAN number

Where can I find the student ID?

The student ID can be found on the invoice sent for tuition fees.

Can I log on as family and make separate payments?

No. This is to manage allergen situations appropriately and reduce the risk of error in data filing considering individual students have individual EZ-Link CAN numbers.

Do I need to make payments online via the pre-order meal system and also top up my EZ-Link?

No. Payments for pre-orders need to be made online through the pre-order system. The requirement of the EZ-Link is to ensure food delivery is as accurate as possible. EZ-Link for students who are using pre-orders does not require to pay/top up the EZ-Link card.

What grades must pre-order meals?

Pre-K to Grade 3 must either pre-order meals or bring food from home. There will be no a la carte ordering for Pre-K to Grade 3 students. The pre-order system is also recommended for students who have allergies to certain food products.

How will EY/PY keep our EZ-Link cards?

For Pre-K to Grade 3 students, the cards need to be handed over to the class teachers and will be maintained by them for the students. Please also refer to the EZ-Link section of the FAQ.

Where is the message for parents to register food allergy?

The message is available on the front page prior to login.

How does a parent add allergy information?

The parent should inform the school at the point of enrollment and/or at any point in time as required. Any updates to allergy information must be sent to both the Registrar and communicated to the Operations Department using the opshelp@gwa.edu.sg email address.

Is every child supposed to carry an EZ-Link card?

Every student at GEMS (Singapore) is required to have an EZ-Link card but only students from Grade 4 upwards need to carry the card with them.

Where can I buy EZ-Link card?

EZ-Link cards can be purchased at 7/11, MRT stations and the accounts office in GEMS (Singapore) campus.

Why do we need to have EZ-Link?

EZ-Link cards are required for the following purposes:

  • Canteen Parent
  • Café Stationery
  • Pre-order Meals
  • Library
  • Teaching Resources (eg Books or IT equipment)

How do you expect students to carry EZ-Link cards for Early Years (Pre K to G3)?

We do not want students at these ages to carry their card on them. The student’s EZ-Link card should be handed over to the class teacher who shall be maintaining this card for the students.

Does the Student EZ-Link card require a cash balance on it?

For the Early Years students, we would recommend keeping the minimum balance which is equivalent to SGD 10.

Do I need to register the EZ-Link card at school?

EZ-Link card needs a one-time registration. This will be done during school time at the Library and monitored by the teachers. For Pre-order meals the card’s CAN number should be used on the online system when making the first order.

What happens if the EZ-Link card is misplaced?

You can deactivate the card by visiting https://www.EZ-Link.com.sg/ Furthermore, please do report to the class teacher the fact that your child has a new EZ-Link card number (CAN number is found on the backside of the card). In addition please update on the pre-order meal system if you are using that platform.

How do I top up the EZ-Link card?

You can top up the EZ-Link card through various options please refer https://www.EZ-Link.com.sg/

Can I use multiple EZ-Link cards?

For direct purchases from the canteen and stationary, you can use any EZ-Link card. For the library, pre-order meals and allergies you are requested to use the same EZ-Link card.

Do I need to have an EZ-Link card or can I use other EZ-Link enabled products such as chumps?

Yes, you can use EZ-Link cards or other EZ-Link enabled products such as chumps provided by EZ-Link. The important feature is the CAN number.

Can I use other modes of payment?

At the Parent Café you can use the credit/debit card but for all other purposes mentioned above, you need to use the EZ-Link. Adults using the café will be able to use cash, students will not.

Is it mandatory to link an EZ-Link card to the pre-orders?

Yes. This is to provide parents with the transparency of food delivered to students and to take preventive steps to manage allergies.

Do I need to buy an EZ-Link specifically from the school?

No, any EZ-Link card or other EZ-Link enabled products such as chumps provided by EZ-Link can be used.

Is there any request form to be filled to update the EZ-Link database at the library?

No, the student just needs to ensure the teacher at the library is informed

Do we need to use EZ-Link card on the buses?

No. Buses are on a separate platform run by the vendor in conjunction with the school operations team.

If I misplace the card would school be taking responsibility?

The school shall not be able to take responsibility in the event the EZ-Link card is misplaced. The school shall be indemnified and would not be responsible for the cash balance available on the EZ-Link card. The student/parent would be solely responsible for the safeguarding of the card, Subject to Early years to Grade 3 where the teachers would be holding the EZ-Link card.

What happens if a teacher holding onto the EZ-Link card misplaces it?

The school would be responsible for the loss and replacement.

How much would parents be reimbursed in case of school misplaces the EZ-Link card?

In case the EZ-Link card is misplaced by the school, the school shall compensate up to a maximum of SGD 10. In case the parent claims the value on the EZ-Link was higher the parent would have provided a statement which they can retrieve from EZ-Link.

Does the school take responsibility for lost cards other than the loss by the teacher?

The school will not take any responsibility other than those specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

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