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Everyone’s safety is the most important consideration

It is important to note that the following requirements are being implemented in accordance with the advisories of the Singapore government authority (CPE) which oversees all Private Education Institutions (PEIs). GEMS World Academy (Singapore) must comply with all government regulations and restrictions and therefore we expect all our community members to adhere with the following conditions.

Starting this academic year, school life will adopt a new normal which includes much of the pre and post circuit break measures as well as new Phase 2 precautionary measures. Despite this, our staff will be doing their utmost to ensure the continuity of high quality of teaching and learning.

The following measures have been put into place at GEMS (Singapore) and we are most grateful for your support and understanding in observing them.

Access into school

Access into school will be restricted to anyone except students and staff who have been rostered to be on campus that day.

Any person who enters the GEMS campus will be required to undertake temperature checks and health questionnaire screening. They must also be registered onto SafeEntry (details below).

Parents are advised to avoid entering the school unless there is a specific reason to do so. In these cases, please seek prior approval from the Principals or secretaries and be registered on the visitor management system. They will be subject to the usual temperature checks and health questionnaire screening. All adults must register themselves onto SafeEntry, a national digital check-in system via a designated QR Code, conveniently located at the various entry points on campus.

Exception: Only Early Years parents can enter the school with their child (details in the Early/Primary Years section below).

Drop off procedures

Parents will only be allowed to drop off their children at the designated drop off/ pick up points which are the car park (in case of driving), main gate or side gate. Parents are asked not to leave the car upon drop off.

Pick up procedures

Parents who are picking up their children by car will park in the car park and meet their child in the canteen. The canteen will have designated areas for parents to wait while observing safe distancing measures.

For those being picked up by taxi/Grab, they are to wait at the area outside the door between the car park and the swimming pool. Signs will be erected to indicate where to wait, and staff will be on hand to assist.

It is required that students have their temperature taken prior to boarding the school bus. This is to be done by parents at home.

The school bus vendor will perform the following tasks for the safety of school bus operations:

  1. Assign a specific seat to each student
  2. Ensure each student wears a mask
  3. Alternate seating that is at least 1m apart for all students, where reasonably practicable to do so
  4. Ensure that the bus is cleaned and sanitized before each route. 
From Wednesday, 12 August 2020, student ID badges will be used for safe entry registration before boarding a shuttle bus.

Shuttle buses will resume from Yishun MRT to GEMS in the morning and afternoons. Usage of this service is permitted to only commuters who have successfully performed the necessary safe entry prior to boarding. Commuters must also ensure that they have their mask on at all times throughout the journey and refrain from talking on the phone or to one another when on the bus.

Temperature checkpoints have been set up at three different entry/exit points of the school with each station monitored by a Registered Nurse who is equipped to deal with any medical conditions on-site. All visitors entering school (student, staff, teachers and contractors) will be screened. Thermal cameras will be in use.

SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system that logs the names, NRIC/FINS and mobile numbers of individuals visiting hotspots, workplaces of essential services, as well as selected public venues to facilitate contact tracing efforts, including GEMS.

SafeEntry is used for data collection and verification at entry/exit points through scanning of a QR code displayed at the venue, or having an identification card with a barcode (e.g. NRIC, driver’s licence, student pass and work permit) scanned by staff.

With guidance from the Ministry of Health, it is STILL mandatory for everyone to wear a mask when leaving their homes. This will include students and staff while on our school campus. Masks may only be removed when engaged in strenuous activities.  This is a very challenging situation for our whole community. As you will appreciate, the end goal is to ensure our school community is safe and able to engage in the best learning experience.

Disposable, reusable masks or face shields are acceptable.

If a child refuses to wear a face mask or face shield, the parent will be contacted, and the child will have to return home. 

The school will NOT provide face masks or face shields for students. It is the responsibility of parents to provide this protection. The school will provide replacement masks if necessary during the school day.

The two times when this will be most challenging will be during PE and playtime.

Students will not be wearing a mask while undertaking physical activities during the Physical Education (PE) lessons. We will be following the Singapore Government PE guidelines.

During short break times, students will be required to stay in their class or homeroom.

There will be limited playtime scheduled for students. At this time, students have the option of wearing a mask. If a student is wearing a face shield in class, it would be a good idea to pack a mask as it may be more comfortable to wear during playtime.

Students have the choice to bring a packed lunch from home (inclusive of snacks) or to pre-order lunches online using this link https://www.schoolmeals.co/

Please use your child’s student number (900201xxxxxxx) to log on for both user I.D and password. Please reach out to opshelp@gwa.edu.sg if you face any issues with ordering lunches online.

Students will have the option to purchase lunch when in school. We highly encourage students to use a cashless payment such as Ezlink card to avoid handling of cash and coins. Students will not be able to purchase snacks during the rest of the school day. Hence it is highly recommended that snacks and lunches are pre-ordered ahead of time.

To further remind visitors, students and staff members to continuously practice safe distancing measures and good hand hygiene, posters will be put up at the various hot spots such as common areas, main lobby, pantries, canteen, parent café, staff workroom, meeting rooms, etc.

All students will follow age-appropriate safe distancing measures within the classroom. Teachers will also be assigning fixed seating for each student within the class.

The school, like MOE, intends to gradually bring back extra-curricular activities (ECAs), which are essential elements of school experiences. Until such time as there are clear regulations on ECAs, we will not be commencing these activities. The government may likely allow ECAs to resume from quarter two, but this is to be confirmed at a later date. 

To prevent the spread of viruses through water fountains (bubbles), students and staff will need to bring their own personal bottles to have it filled at the 23 water fountains around the school. Drinking directly from what water fountain spout is not permitted until further notice.

S/NRequirementsActions taken by the school
For studentsFor staff 


Any staff or child with travel history in the last 14-days from all countries

- ICA will issue SHN

  • Staff/ Parents of children will be advised by ICA to inform the school of SHN
  • Inform CPE of staff/ child on SHN
  • Monitor affected staff/ child through regular telephone calls


Any child or staff staying with any household member under:

  • Home Quarantine Order (HQO)
  • Stay-Home Notice (SHN)
  • Inform parents to notify the school if there is a household member under HQO or SHN
  • Grant child LOA, aligned to the period of household member’s HQO/ SHN
  • Inform CPE of any new LOA given to a child
  • Monitor affected child through regular telephone calls
  • Inform staff to notify the school if there is a household member under HQO or SHN
  • School can consider these precautions:
    • Grant LOA aligned to the period of household member’s HQO/SHN or
    • Redeploy staff to administrative tasks
  • Inform CPE of any LOA given to a staff
  • Monitor affected staff through regular telephone calls
 3 Child or staff living with household members on Leave of Absence (LOA) or phone surveillance OR Child or staff on phone surveillance  Can may attend school if well (subject to approval from Principals). However, schools are to be more vigilant in their health checks (including checks on the health of family members*) and safe distancing.

*Child/Staff should stay at home if any of their adult household members are unwell (with fever and/ or flu-like symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath). 

In the event of a suspected COVID incident, the school has assembled an evacuation team who will be managing the evacuation process together with the authorities. Deep cleaning and disinfecting will also be conducted once the affected personnel has evacuated the building.


Information Specific to School Sections

Campus Access / Drop Off Procedures

Nursery and Early Years parents are permitted to enter the school campus with their child. However, all students are to be dropped off at the entrance to the early years building. Parents will not be permitted to enter the EY building, 

There will only be one entrance into the Early Years building. This entrance is located on the ground floor next to the Primary Years playground. Parents will be required to hand their children to the staff members on duty at the entrance.

Afternoon Staggered Dismissal Timing

Early Years: 3:10 pm

Pick Up Procedures

At the end of the school day, Early Years students are to be collected at the following locations: 

  • Nursery - ground floor entrance (next to Primary Years playground)
  • PreK - ground floor entrance (next to Primary Years playground)
  • KG1 - ground floor entrance (next to Primary Years playground)
  • KG2 - main lobby (next to a large screen) 

Please plan to meet your child at the designated pick up area on time. Students leaving campus by bus will be taken to the bus bay at 3:25 pm. 

Temperature Checks

Daily temperature taking will also be conducted three times a day for all Full-day Early Years students (Nursery – K2). Students attending Half-day programmes will only have 2 temperature checks per day.

1st check: Period 1
2nd check: Lunchtime
3rd check: Before dismissal

Arrival / Drop Off Procedure

Upon arrival at school, all Primary Years students will move directly to their classrooms. Students will not be permitted to wait downstairs before school. Staff will be on duty downstairs to assist students as they move to their classrooms.

Afternoon Staggered Dismissal Timing

Primary Years: 3:20 pm

Dismissal and Parent Waiting Areas 


Pick Up Procedure 

At the end of the school day, Primary Years students will be picked up from the cafeteria. Clearly marked ‘waiting zones’ will be signposted in the cafeteria, and your children will be brought to the assigned area.

Please plan to meet your child in the cafeteria on time. Students leaving campus by bus will be taken to the bus bay at 3:30 pm. Parents are asked to leave campus immediately after they have picked up their child.

In addition to the general information above, please find below Secondary Years specific details:

Afternoon Staggered Dismissal Timing

Secondary Years: 3:30 pm

Dismissal Access Routes


Secondary Years students must scan the SafeEntry QR code upon entry to the campus. Homeroom teachers will check completion during the morning registration period. iPad check stations will be available around campus for students without a smartphone.

Safe Distancing Measures

Safe distancing measures will be in place and will include:

  • staggered lunches with assigned seating;
  • minimized mixing of cohorts;
  • exam-style seating in classrooms.

Morning Breaks

Morning breaks will be spent in the classrooms - bring your snack as there will be no access to the cafeteria during this time. Access to the cafeteria during lunchtime will be as normal.


Information Relevant for Staff


GEMS Staff will be provided with a step by step SafeEntry User Guide. 

Early Years/Primary Years

For registering students, it will be conducted during Period 1, in your respective classrooms, by the Homeroom Teachers and/or Teaching Partners. 

To ease the workload of this process, a compilation of all your respective students’ Dependent Passes by class has been created. You will be required to use a mobile device (phone or iPad) to scan the individual student’s Dependent Passes and register their attendance on to SafeEntry.

Secondary Years

All students will be required to comply with SafeEntry (with QR code scanning) requirements for check-in and check out (if leaving early).

All SY students will register themselves upon entering the school campus. Additional QR codes will be in Block C L4, L5, L6 pod areas, for students who have missed the QR code upon entering the campus. Home Room teachers must ensure all students have registered by 09:00.

As part of the homeroom process: The Home Room teacher will check to ensure students have all checked in for the day. Students with no mobile devices can check in using school-provided iPads in stations around the school. There is no need for students to check out upon leaving the campus unless they have an early dismissal. Early dismissal must be approved at the SY office.

Movement Around the School and Meetings

Staff are requested to restrict their movements around the school. Teachers should stay in their classroom areas unless they have supervision duty or need to use the facilities such as toilets, cafe or canteen. Staff are requested to remain within one building zone, eg. Block B or Block C as much as possible.

All formal meetings are to be conducted virtually.  Any meetings which require face to face attendance should not last more than 15 minutes.

Classroom Seating Arrangements

Teachers must assign fixed seating for each student within the class and keep a record of the seating plans.

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