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Uniform E-store

School uniform is available for online purchase at https://tci.sg/gems/ with the choice of collecting your order from the GEMS (Singapore) Stationery Shop or having it delivered to your doorstep. We retain a complete set of uniform items for sizing purposes at GEMS (Singapore) Stationery Shop (Level 1).

To avoid ordering the incorrect size, students will be able to try on samples to determine the correct size required. Alternatively, you can visit the uniform store (by appointment only). 



29 Tai Seng Avenue, Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub, Unit 05-07, S534119

Extended operating hours:

9:00 am - 9:00 pm
 Monday to Sunday

Please schedule an appointment prior to your visit:

Te: (65) 9618 6368 (Diane)
Email: diane@tci.sg 


School Shoes

Black school shoes are mandatory for all students. These can be leather or sports shoes as long as they are predominantly black and logos should not be prominent. 


Stationery Shop Opening Hours 

 Monday - Friday | 3:00 - 4:00 PM

As part of the social distancing measure, only 1 person at a time in the store is allowed. We suggest that you pass to us the list of stationery that you require, we will prepare them and inform you once it is ready for collection. However, if you would like to visit the store, please do have a list ready and we will assist to pick the items for you.

*The schedule is subject to changes during school holidays. Please call +65 6808 7321 or +65 6808 7393 to double-check the opening hours during the school holidays.





How do I order school uniforms for my child?

  • Click on the E-Store uniform link and this will direct you to - http://tci.sg/gems/
  • Please read all instructions including the exchange policy, privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Click on “Sign in/ Register” to register yourself. This is a one-time process.
  • Once registered you will be able to use the E-Store and make your purchases.

Will I be able to purchase my child's uniform at the school?

  • From 23 April 2019, all purchases will need to be conducted online: http://tci.sg/gems/
  • Alternatively, you can buy directly from the uniform supplier shop at:
  • The Corporate Industries Pte Ltd, 29 Tai Seng Avenue, Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub #05-07, Singapore 534119
  • Please make an appointment with Diane 96186368 or Gabriel 96182878 before going to their showroom.
  • A limited supply of hats, ties and bows will be available at the school shop.
  • You can opt for express delivery to your doorstep within three (3) working days at a charge of SGD20, (all items including ties and scarf)
  • Alternatively, there is free delivery to the GEMS World Academy (Singapore) campus which takes place once every two weeks.

How long will my order take to arrive at school for collection?

  • Once your order has been logged and purchased, the date of delivery for self-collection in school will be indicated.
  • Typically, this date will be within two weeks from the date of your order.

If I choose to deliver to the school where can I collect my items from?

  • You may collect your purchased items from the school stationery shop on the ground floor opposite to the Learners swimming pool, ground floor at GEMS World Academy (Singapore).

I am unsure of the sizing and fit for my child. How can I double-check?

  • A selection of sizes for clothing items will be available at the school stationery shop at GEMS World Academy (Singapore) campus, ground floor, opposite the Learners swimming pool. You can have your child try the samples to ensure the correct size.
  • Alternatively, you can refer to the Size Chart online.

If uniforms only get delivered every two weeks, can students not be in uniform for 2 weeks?

  • Students waiting for delivery of a new or replacement uniform item will attend school in clothing which matches as closely as possible with the GEMS school uniform. These students must carry with them at all times a signed note from the Divisional office.

If a student loses a uniform item, will they need to wait 2 weeks before a new set arrives?

  • A limited number of hats, ties and scarves will be available for purchase at the school’s stationery shop.
  • Appointments can be made with the vendor for families to visit the shop to purchase items directly. Alternatively, online orders can be made through the website. Delivery to GEMS is
    free, and SGD20 for other locations.

Would emergency stock be available at school?

  • A limited number of hats, ties and scarves will be available for purchase at the school’s stationery shop.

Can I order over the phone and provide my credit card details to you?

  • This will not be possible. Due to security issues, we will refrain from obtaining credit card information from you over the phone.

Are the same products offered online also available in the store?

  • Yes, all products offered online are also available in the store.

Do you have the same price online and in the store?

  • Yes, all the products offered online and in the store are of the same price. However, if you wish us to deliver to your residence, a delivery fee will be incurred on your 'Total Cost' when you have 'checkout' from the shopping cart.

Will it cost me extra if I miss my delivery at home?

  • Yes. If no one is at the given address to receive the order, rescheduling of delivery will incur additional charges.
  • Please provide a Singapore-based receiver contact number upon checkout, so that the delivery personnel can reach you.

Will I receive a call from the courier agent prior to delivery?

  • Before your order is dispatched, our outsourced courier agent will send a text message/call to confirm the delivery date and time.
    We aim to deliver the products to you at the address that you have provided in your order, and at the timeframe which you have indicated, on the order confirmation
    All orders are subject to the availability of stock, and while we make every effort to monitor and update our inventory, and to deliver your order within a reasonable amount of time, it is possible that some of the products may become unavailable in between updates.

Is delivery made everywhere across Singapore?

Yes, except for the following no-go zones:

  • All Army Camps
  • All Police Camps
  • All Civil Defense Camps
  • All Airports
  • Off-shore locations including Jurong Island, Pulau Bukom, Pulau Ubin, etc.

When does the responsibility transfer from the uniform vendor to the customer?

  • Upon delivery of the order, please immediately check the contents carefully and report any errors or issues with merchandise. The customer will bear all responsibility of the products upon acceptance of the delivery.
  • If the delivery of goods is in the order you will have to sign for the delivery.

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